At the end of the 4th semester the students take a complex examiation, that is the conclusion of the coursework and research stage and then the students start the research and dissertation stage.

Condition of admission to the complex examination:

completion of the subject credits and research reports prescribed in the education plan of the doctoral school.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. A spiral bind, printed document containing a literature review of the research topic, the final research plan, the planned empirical research, and the supervisor’s evaluation about the performance of the doctoral student. Formal requirements:
    • Minimum of 15 pages,
    • TNR 12,
    • Justify,
    • 2.5 cm margin,
    • Single line spacing,
    • The titels of the chapters should be bold and subchapters should be italics.
  2. The slide of the research report, which contains a summary of the research topic and the relevant literature, the results achieved so far, the publication list, and the research plan for the dissertation phase. The doctoral student sends the presentation electronically.

The complex examination consists of two main parts:

The examinee’s theoretical preparedness is assessed (“theoretical part”), and the candidate shall give an account of his or her progress in the field of research (“dissertation part”). In the theoretical part of the complex examination, the candidate shall take examinations in two subjects. In the dissertation part of the complex examination, the examinee shall give an account, in the form of a presentation,

Doctoral Rules about the comprehensive exam.

Comprehensive exam topics