The organized training is for a maximum 4 years (48 months), which is divided into 8 evaluation periods. During the 8 semesters of training 240 credits must be collected. The program consists of a coursework and research, as well as a research and dissertation stage.

At the end of the 4th semester the students take a complex examiation. It is the conclusion of the coursework and research stage and then the students start the research and dissertation stage.

Based on the credit rules of the Doctoral School:

During the first four semesters of training 150 credits should be collected according to the following schedule:

  1. Credits of the completed subjects: 90 credits (before 2020 96 credits).
  2. Teaching (14 contact lessons – 2 credits): maximum 32 credits.
  3. Research activities and reports total 20 credits (before 2020 17 credits)
  4. Publications and research: minimum 24 credits.

During the second four semesters of training 90 credits must be collected according to the following schedule:

  1. Research activities: presentation at the end of the semesters: 5-5 credits (5-6. semester), 10-10 credits (7-8. semester). Total: 30 credits.
  2. Teaching: maximum 32 credits (15 contact lessons – 2 credits)
  3. Publications and research: minimum 40 credits.

Until end of the 8th semester must be collected minimum 240 credits.

Upon the successful completion of the eight semesters of coursework, the doctoral student is given a pre-degree certificate (absolutorium). The absolutorium is the document evidencing that the doctoral student has completed all academic requirements.

Tuition fee (USD/semester): The tuition fee is 5500 EUR/year.