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Relationship among Ethics, Trust and Success in Knowledge-oriented Organizations

Supervisor: Prof. dr. habil Andrea Bencsik

Risk-based Process and Project Control Charts

Supervisors: Prof. dr.habil. Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán and Dr. Csaba Hegedűs

The role of culture in the customers’ preferences

Supervisor: Dr. László Józsa

Spatial and temporal concentration of tourism mobility

Supervisor: Dr. Judit Sulyok

Generation-specific aspects of value-based consumer behaviour

Supervisors: Dr. Zoltán Veres and Dr. Mónika Garai- Fodor

An evolutionary study of the cooperation between the university innovation ecosystem and the SME sector and the innovation potential of universities

Supervisors: Dr. Zoltán Birkner and Dr. István Szabó

The changing role of the standardized quality management systems in crisis situations

Supervisors: Dr. Petra Gyurácz-Németh and Dr. Tibor Csizmadia

Digital and emotional intelligence as key competencies of 21st century managers

Supervisor: Dr. Edit Kővári

The role of electrochemical energy storage in sustainable energy management

Supervisors: Dr. Gábor Pintér And Dr. Henrik Zsiborács

Incorporating both purchasing and marketing perspectives into the circular economy

Supervisor: Dr. Dirk-Jan Kamann

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