The thesis defence process is independent of the training. When the training requirements have been fulfilled and certificated, the request for the thesis defence process should be regarded as accepted, and the student steps into the pre-doctorate status.

The thesis has to be submitted within three years after the complex examination. For the support of the candidate, the thesis – before it is finalized – has to be submitted for a public discussion to the professionally competent unit.

Conditions for the doctoral degree:

The finalized thesis is to be submitted at the ODS in 2, bound, identical copies, along with the following:

The CDS calls upon two official experts with doctoral degrees to review the Thesis. As part of the public discussion, the candidate gives a short (approx 20 minutes) presentation about the main results of their research and the thesis conclusions. Following this, the reviewers give their comments, the candidate responds to these and to any questions or remarks from the committee or the audience. The reviewers and the other participants of the discussion declare whether they accept the answers or not.

The labelling of the PhD degree: