Admission criteria:

1. Master diploma in economics or business studies (issued by an internationally acknowledged university).

2. Minimum one B2 (complex) level language examination.

3. Successful entry examination: oral exam (online) and evaluation of the research proposal.

Documents to be submitted for the admission:

  1. Application form
  2. Certified copy of the University degree certificate. For those, graduating in the year of application to a doctoral program, it can be supplied at any time before the entrance exam. The certification can be done by the Office of the Doctoral Schools (ODS) based on the original degree certificate.
  3. Documents demonstrating knowledge of foreign language(s), at least one state-accredited standard foreign language exam certificate type C.
  4. Documented exposition of scientific and publication activity.
  5. At least one reference about the professional work and personal attributes of the applicant.
  6. Official certificate of good conduct and clean record.
  7. Statement of the Applicant of any prior application to another doctoral school.
  8. Opinion of the leader of the receiving research centre about the availability of infrastructure.

The PhD students must pay the application fee.

The entry exam takes the form of an interview, where the applicant reports on their scientific work and about their scientific plans and gives evidence on their knowledge in the chosen field and their knowledge of foreign language(s). The applicant is informed about the results of the entrance exam in a written form by the Office of the Doctoral Schools (ODS)

Cost fee is 5500 Euro / year