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University of Pannonia
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Application Procedure

Information about the application procedure to the PhD program at University of Pannonia can be found on the following link: LINK

Application form

Introduction of Dorottya Edina Kozma

Dorottya Edina Kozma was our PhD student, and since spring of this year she is working in the University Pentor program as a PhD mentor.

Dear Doctoral Students, if you have any question to Dorottya, do not hesitate to ask her.

You can read her introduction here.

E-mail adresse:


The application form can be found and downloaded on this page.
Deadline for application16. August 2020.

Conditions for application:

  1. Master diploma in economics or business studies.
  2. Minimum one B2 (complex) level language examination.
  3. Successful entry examination: oral exam (online) and evaluation of the research proposal,
    • a general knowledge of the chosen field of science and in its literature,
    • a general knowledge of scientific methodology.

Oral interview:
Expected date: 24-28. August 2020.

Documents to be submitted for the admission:

  1. Application form.
  2. Certified copy of the University degree certificate and  the registration book for the whole period of the university studies. For those, graduating in the year of application to a doctoral program, it can be supplied at any time before the entrance exam. The certification can be done by the Office of the Doctoral Schools (ODS) based on the original degree certificate.
  3. Documents demonstrating knowledge of foreign language(s), at least one state-accredited standard foreign language exam certificate type C.
  4. Professional curriculum vitae.
  5. Acceptance letter from the future supervisor.
  6. Documented exposition of scientific and publication activity.
  7. Attached copies of publications or documents proving other professional activities.
  8. At least one reference about the professional work and personal attributes of the applicant.
  9. Official certificate of good conduct and clean record.
  10. Statement of the Applicant of any prior application to another doctoral school.
  11. Opinion of the leader of the receiving research centre about the availability of infrastructure.
  12. A certificate of the bank transfer of the application fee (The fee is 9000 HUF).
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