Name of the institution: University of Pannonia

Course name: Doctoral School in Management Sciences and Business Administration

Academic level: PhD Programme

Duration of the course: 8 semesters (2+2 years)

Admission criteria (language proficiency, school certificates, etc.):
• Master diploma in economics or business studies (issued by an internationally acknowledged university)
• Minimum one B2 (complex) level language examination (TOEFL 95/IELTS 6.0/other)
• Successful entry examination: oral exam (online) and evaluation of the research proposal)

Description of the course:
The Faculty of Business and Economics has a widely esteemed doctoral school in which internationally recognized professors lead research groups in the fields of economics, business and management.
Students are welcome to the research fields:
• Agricultural Economics
• Economics
• Management Sciences
Objectives of the PhD Programme:
• To transfer to PhD students world-class cutting-edge research and scientific knowledge in the areas of economics and applied                            economics.
• To involve doctoral students in the research work of leading academics and to achieve internationally recognized results
• Building long-term mentor-student relationships
• To build a wide range of international scholarly contacts with institutions that are recognized in the disciplines both internationally                 and domestically

Tuition fee (USD/semester): The tuition fee is maximum 3000-5000 USD/semester depending on quality of research plan and teaching activities (It has to be prepaid for each semester)